The Philippines Is Trying to Develop Alternative Energy Sources to Save the Planet
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The Philippines Is Trying to Develop Alternative Energy Sources to Save the Planet

Minggu, 15 Apr 2018 | 17:48 | Oky - According to in 2014 on topic of the energy resources consumption in the Philippines is 74.15 million kWh per year. This number will definitely increase each year as needs grow for this country. This number will be shown in detailed percentage; the largest energy consumption is 67.5% on fossil fuel. Instead of still struggling to find the alternative way, the Philippines also utilizes water power source of 16.9% and only 15.6% of the renewable energy sources consumption. Thus, through this data indicates that the Philippines is one of the countries that can be categorized as a country that addicted to coal which is resulting in a decline of environment quality and certainly impact on the economic growth. 

Recently, energy conservation and efficiency have become one of the activity agenda not only government but private companies vying to prove that they really care about the environment. This environmental awareness and care activity is one of the most serious activities to do as it deals with determining the better future world. This energy saving effort can be done through energy use efficiently, reducing energy-consuming activities or by minimizing energy consumption. Save energy and create a renewable energy source are the only key to save our beloved Earth.

Most air pollution and as well as global warming come from energy use and production. The impact will be very bad for the survival of all living beings in this world surely. Not only affect the environment but also affect the economic sector of a country. One case that has occurred in 2017 in the Philippines is water pollution caused by people or irresponsible mining agencies. The Philippine government does not remain silent and take action seriously by shutting the 23 mines by the Minister of the Environment, Gina Lopez. This is clear and convincing evidence that the Philippine government is firmly against institutions that have damaged and polluted the environment, quoted from

Fossil fuel energy sources consumption in human society is very large and of course it is worrying and damaging the planet earth. The government and all institutions have sought to create alternative energy sources or renewable energy sources to stabilize the earth conditions. For more than 30 years, the Philippines has sought to create alternative energy sources and utilize geothermal optimum without damaging the environment. This is one of the ways in which to replace the fossil fuel energy sources consumption which can have an adverse impact on the environment. This provides enormous benefits not only to people living in the vicinity of geothermal areas, but also to people living in urban areas. Until now, geothermal power plants in Mount Apo have been able to distribute electrical energy to almost all residents of Mindanao Island. The Philippine's success in exploiting the heat of the earth cannot be separated from the partnership that exists between the Philippine Government, the business sector, the community organization and of course the community itself.

Maintaining the earth ecosystem and preserving it in various ways is not the task of government or related institutions but the task of every individual in the world. Not necessarily with great things but starting with small and responsible things will have an extraordinary impact if every individual is concerned about the environment, such as do not litter, apply the 4 R’s in your daily life, using environmentally friendly products and much more. Let us love this planet earth and keep for our children and future grandchildren.

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